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Members, not customers

by Alice Warner |

May 23, 2017

We are living in a consumer culture - filled with automation, convenience and deals. Everything we buy is researched, tested, packaged and shipped. Things are often disposable. Purchases are often impulses. We are often left with an empty feeling after spending money we worked hard to earn. So, the concept of a CSA may be slightly foreign. We may be expecting our vegetables to be automated and processed, packaged, labelled and shipped.

However, a carrot grown in a CSA has a story. This story can be told from the moment the seed was sown to the time you put it in your mouth. This carrot is not just a carrot. With it comes a community. With it come newsletters and recipes and photos and stories. The community part of CSA is as important as the Agriculture part. You are not a customer when you join a CSA, you are a member – of a farm and of a community. It is up to you how much you embrace this membership.

Some members have visited the farm. Some have posted photos of their CSA dinners on the Facebook or Instagram page. Some are excited about upcoming farm events. One member picks up 3 boxes each week from the farm for two of her friends who she has brought into this community. Each member has made our first farm season the best it could be. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we couldn't have done it without you - quite literally. 

So, look on our Facebook page and post your photos, join the conversation, ask questions about gardening and recipes. Visit the farm and see where your food comes from. Know your farmer. It’s your farm too. It wouldn’t exist without you. You are the first members and you should feel proud to be a part of it. Our food system is broken and it desperately needs to change. By joining a CSA you are part of that change. A very important part, not just a customer.

Yours in veg,


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