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Read about why we choose to farm using a Community Supported Agriculture model in this article by Richard Cornish from Good Food.


Learn how our CSA works in this article from The Blue Mountains Gazette


Read about Alice's studies at Western Sydney University and her journey into farming in GradLife Magazine here


Fresh food tastes so good! Every Wednesday evening we come home to a box of fresh vegetables and herbs. The boys are excited to see what we get each week. Vine ripened tomatoes at the end of autumn has been a particular favourite with the youngest member of our family.

It's good value and convenient. Initially, we were a little hesitant to give up the ability to choose our produce each week. We've found the boxes to be good value for money and have continued to cook our regular meals with the vegetables we receive. We have eaten our entire share each week and are enjoying the variety.

Less packaging, the chance to try new vegetables and the opportunity to visit the farm. We have just signed up for the upcoming season - looking forward to our winter veggies - thanks Alice! 

- Trish, CSA member


Five Serves is a dream come true for me: tasty, local, fresh food that helps preserve Hawkesbury's farmland and the environment. And a cheerful, knowledgeable female farmer as well. This is the future of food!

- Danielle, CSA member

Fresh. Organic. Local. Friendly. What more could you want? Five Serves Produce is fabulous.

- Kylie, CSA member

What a treat it is to receive a box of freshly picked, organically grown vegies delivered directly to our front door. I love the variety and enjoy the challenge of incorporating new and different veggies in to our family meal plan. Thank you Five Serves.

- Jacqui, CSA member

I get a delivery once a fortnight. It’s fresh, great tasting, I couldn’t get any better even if I grew it myself.

- Adrian, CSA member

Amazing fresh, tasty produce and the best customer service. Can't recommend highly enough!

- Kaylene, CSA member

Alice is dedicated to the produce not profit. It is exciting every time we receive a box. The joy and satisfaction of real organic veggies is happiness in a box. Thanks for all your hard work Alice to provide real produce.

- David, CSA member

This is my second box of Five Serves produce. The veg is delicious, fresh, local and sustainably grown, which I love. The variety of veg in the box is fantastic, and my husband and I have been eating more serves of veg because of this. Even some veg that we've never eaten before! Thank you Alice and your team.

- Rachel. CSA member

I happily recommend Five Serves Produce to anyone I meet who may be interested in locally produced, organic, freshly harvested and delivered produce. Opening the box on delivery days is like opening a present!

- Belinda, CSA member

This is an excellent way to support local farmers, help keep food production in the Sydney basin and support the environment by eating locally grown, seasonal produce.

- Michelle, CSA member

It is lovely to eat veggies that remind you of the 60s when our parent grew veggies in our back garden.

- Maggie, CSA member

Wonderful produce and, honestly, I think the best quality you can get. Never before had I potatoes as tasty as these!

- Yoka, CSA member

Love receiving the veges each week, they are great quality and always different to what you would buy in the supermarket.

- Liz, CSA member

As students, being members of Five Serves Produce allows us to eat amazingly tasty fresh produce at such an affordable price. The fact that the produce is local, organic and sustainable is truly rewarding. CSA is definitely the way to go.

- Miriam, CSA member

The freshest crunchiest veg I've had in a while! All grown right here AND organic AND at a very reasonable price! Its like a magical unicorn of food. I love that it's a little different each week too. It forces me to use my imagination in the kitchen which is getting me out of my food rut of cooking the same 5 meals over and over again.

- Amy, CSA member

The freshest and most delicious veggies! I have been telling everyone I know! I love getting a box every week!

- Christy, CSA member

Such wonderful fruit and vegetables. The best watermelon I’ve ever tasted. The heirloom tomatoes were bursting with flavour. Opening a farm box is so exciting!

- Alison, CSA member

I love the concept of low food miles, organic and locally grown. This creates jobs, makes us eat our 5 serves daily and is a local start up. Alice is friendly, the service is great, Ticks all the boxes!

- Bianca, CSA member

Buying a weekly produce box from Five Serves means supporting: local growers, organic farming practices and low food miles. Plus the freshly harvested produce comes with hassle-free delivery to my door - ever so grateful for this service! :)

- Imogen, CSA member

The flavour and freshness speaks for itself! The variety in each box is always impressive.

- Michelle, CSA member