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Roasted Carrot Dip, Sorrel Sauce, Cabbage and Galette au Chou and Pumpkin Scones

by Alice Warner |

There are so many delicious Winter veggies this week I didn’t know where to start looking for recipes. I think you will enjoy the ones I picked.  

Roasted Carrot Dip from Every Last Bite is absolutely delicious, even by the spoonful. It’s great as a dip but also tastes delicious on a cheese sandwich or spread on bread as an accompaniment to soup, and it got the thumbs up from Frankie as baby food.

Farm Drop has a great recipe for Sorrel Sauce that can be served with fish as they suggest, but is also delicious with poultry or swirled into a soup or stew before serving. It’s delicious on potatoes or any roasted root vegetables.

Lavender and Lovage have a delicious cabbage recipe, Cabbage and Galette au Chou, which celebrates this vegetable as only the French can. It’s like bacon and eggs with warm cabbage, and it’s delicious.

Finally, we have The Woman’s Weekly Pumpkin Scones, to add a moist sweet treat to your lunchboxes. This classic recipe is simpler to make than you may think. I like to eat them warm with butter and a slice of tasty cheese, but they are also delicious with ricotta or cream cheese.  

Yours in veg,


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