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Finding the best online veg recipes

by Alice Warner |

August 30, 2017

Look online and you will find a plethora of veg recipes for every conceivable situation - vegetarian, vegan, paleo, lactose-intolerant, gluten-free or I eat everything (my personal favourite). There are recipes for lunch, dinner, breakfast, snacks and even desserts using vegetables. Braised chard on toast for breakfast; rocket hummous as a snack; broccoli rice with rocket, roasted leeks and carrots and your favourite protein for lunch; kale and sorrel frittata for a quick mid-week dinner. 

Type into google a few ingredients from your CSA box and see what pops up. I typed in “leeks and chard recipe” and up popped the usual braised chard with leeks and chard and leek frittata. However, try adding the word “unusual” and you get results like “penne with Swiss chard and leeks in a walnut cream sauce”. It’s just a matter of choosing an adjective and the world wide web of recipes folds open like a flower. “Vegan broccoli snack” turned up a vegan quinoa broccoli tot recipe.

We all have our favourite go-to recipes but sometimes we need a little excitement. So, start googling and share your favourites on our Facebook or Instagram page.

Yours in veg,


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